FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2010 – Wake Up Call


Wake Up Call is a film which highlights different aspects of human behaviour towards the global pollution crisis. Members of society have differing opinions, and ideas diverge from one another.

Wake Up Call is based on the well-publicized but often underestimated reality of global warming and its effects on the human race. Society at large is aware of these global warming dangers which our planet is facing but people often choose to ignore the facts. The information they are fed depends on the interests of the organizations and individuals who have their own agendas.

Unfortunately, in one way or the other, global warming has meant increased wealth and power for few, while there continues to be miserable life conditions for the majority.

Humans interfere with nature by unleashing deforestation, emitting carbon in the air, illegal mining, releasing industrial pollutants in the rivers and seas, dumping plastics and toxic waste mixed with garbage into the soil. These are just a few examples of the human onslaught increasing the spread of viral and contagious diseases. Construction activities and mindless warfare are ultimately responsible for the consumption and destruction of huge amounts of the earths natural resources.

The film features a well respected multi-national organization called the “Arun Foundation”. Behind closed doors the “Arun Foundation” is discussing with their partners the building of a futuristic space station to provide an alternative to life on earth. Aruns’ team of dreamers have arranged an exclusive tea party. They are engaged in manipulating life on earth….