The Load

Making Off
This black and white photographic report is made of 23 different sections, all related to the following topic: the consequences of our consumer society on the environment. Everything that is created or used by men has an influence on the ecosystem and interacts with the animals, the earth, the water and the air.

The 108 photographs have been selected to show the authenticity of this work, where India has been chosen by the author-photographer to contribute to the awareness of this endless cycle. Humans might face the challenges of this cycle in different ways but the basic needs of each person on this earth are the same, all over the globe : air, water, eating and defecating.

The LoadThe Load


Across India, I had the opportunity to meet scores of people from various sections of society who are dealing with the same reality. They don’t want to face what they have created.

I have found that the common man is living and working in close proximity to high pollution and emission levels. They inhabit areas near polluted water, airports, industrial sites, dumping grounds, etc. and expose themselves to pollutants through the water they use, the air they breathe and the land they live and work on.

The society we live in does not recognize or acknowledge its contribution to the waste it generates. The refuse workers, collectors, rag pickers and scrap dealers play an important role in society. They are the only ones who face the harsh reality as waste is their source of livelihood.

Today man has stopped considering his disproportionate consumption of earth’s resources. Our life style is creating an unhealthy and unpleasant reality. We human beings have enjoyed the resources lavishly to date, but now we are reaching a critical stage.

This work is a result of personal experiences regarding nature and man-made activities – the chain which creates a link between Humans – Animals – Earth – Water – Air.

Most creatures living on Earth, other than humans, generate small quantities of refuse that is in harmony with the eco-system. However, we are reversing the trend. Are we unaware of it? Or do we lack the respect for Mother Earth and have taken her for granted?

I know for certain that I have generated some unaccountable refuse during life’s journey which has been cleaned swiftly at the places of my stay and I would never know where it has gone. Therefore I began a search for answers to know this reality of life. I have had the chance to come across environmental engineers, analytical chemists, health inspectors, professors and scientists. I also interacted with people who are directly responsible for clearing up the mess.

In this work I would like to present the hidden dimensions of this subject through a black and white documentation which will give you the gist about my journey from the north to the south and from the east to the west of this beautiful country, India.