Environment Through Time

Making Off

In Cyrus, I was informed about current issues that affect social and natural environment.
I was motivated to search, look into and explore through the viewfinder of my old analogue camera, which allowed me to increase the prospective over which I observed things during this unique experience.

This research has been very useful as it enabled me to broaden my horizons over environmental issues and allowed me to find out many new things. I was inspired to transmit and share these ideas. This whole research emphasizes the need to preserve natural resources and to encourage consciousness of the environment.

Environment Through Time

The ecosystem concept is the idea that all living organisms are continually engaged and are all interrelated. And also with every other element constituting the environment in which they exist. Sadly the human complex ecosystem concept has unstabilized the natural environment.
Very large development projects – megaprojects – pose even greater threats to the natural environment. The challeng to the environment from such projects is growing because more and more big megaprojects are being built. Within the application of technology the common solution is to adapt a static view neglecting natural environment to exist.

When I looked at processes which changes faster and in a short time series, which affects the system as a whole I have a clear pictures, and the evidence suggests that; Humans have always attempted to control the weather throughout history, and there is evidence that human activity such as agriculture and industry have inadvertently modified weather patterns.
However there is no universal agreement on this definition, and there are many different hypotheses regarding the matter.