Making Off
This photographic account is the result of a simple piece of research which gradually unveils numerous topics related to the natural ecosystem, the causes and consequences of global loss of biodiversity and the depletion of exploitable living resources.

In brief, through this work, Conceicao’s aim is to initiate an awareness which for her is only the first step but remains the most important because, without awareness, there can be no acknowledgement of the problems and therefore no cure.


This absorbing piece of research takes a look at the environmental challenges faced by the UAE
arising from the economic, social and political factor that have swept across the emirates.

It provides a timely explanation of various facets of this challenge with black and white photography
by Conceicao B Praun taken in a wide range of locations across all 7 emirates forming the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Dubai,
Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al – Qaiwain, Ras Al – Khaimah and Fujairah. The locations however remain anonymous in the captions.

The research shows interesting examples of sustainable approaches to new development such as
the novel Masdar scheme as well as the more mundane and sometimes inevitable consequences of 21st
century living such as litter, water pollution and sewage.

5 facets are looked at through the camera – scarcity, necessity, resources in misuse, misuse and
alternatives. The research shows concerns but ends with hope.

Conceicao uses analogue black and white as it provides an opportunity to reflect the basic principles
that photography had to follow in its formative years.