COP16 Views & Visiones


It is clear to me that there is a need to achieve a deep understanding of the potential consequences of the impact generated by anthropogenic views translated into actions.

The itinerary for this COP16 has led to me registering points of views of the public and participants regarding global climate change scenario exploitation.

However, this story is based on the current awareness of people in relation to climatic, economic and political issues in general.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who kindly granted me their time to express their points of view on these important natural, social and environmental matters; whether in interviews or furtive talks that ended up shaping the dialogue.

It has been a great challenge due to their different points of view, but the profile of all of them is very clear: they are divided with regards their concerns and interests in which their fundamental visions seem to be scattered in different directions.

In these dialogues, there are different perspectives on topics such as use of land and forestry, greenhouse gases, green mechanisms, etc. The participants appear in alphabetical order, with no difference in rank. However, in the case of Mexican Delegation members, they are in a separate chapter, for the simple reason that they are the hosts of the event. Views & Visiones 425 I would like to point out that interviews were conducted in English and Spanish, and that the recorded words have been reproduced in this work in the most accurate way possible.

Environment Through Time

Some people did not want to share their point of view. However, we will have an anonymous section, where some agreed to participate although they preferred to remain anonymous.

I would like to remind you that the COP16, its side events and other alternative events took place in different locations.

Formal negotiations were carried out at the Moon Palace Hotel; side events based on conferences and exhibitions took place in Cancunmesse and the Climate Change Village.

Other alternative events took place at: la via Campesina and the Kuchil Baxal stadium – Mexican Space (Peasant Forum) and Klimaforum10 at Polo El Rey, Puerto Morelos. All dialogues took place in each of these locations.

Just a few days after the Cop16, I arrived in Mexico City with the intention to continuing my research’s on it. Thus, more conversations took place, where participants provided their point of view in order to enrich this testimonial and visual summary.