COP 15 Outskirts

Making Off

This work has been conveniently divided into three parts:
“A brief profile of different activities, towards climate change, organized by United Nations. Among them The 15th conferences of the Parties (Cop15) hosted by Denmark in Copenhagen”

“Global Warming, in a modern time, Paleoclimatology; the earth’s climate change over millennia and Cosmoclimatology, the cosmic view of climate change, by Prof. Svensmark”
“Copenhagenn, Environmental management”

I’ve followed the media coverage before, during and after the Cop15, with-out any expectations or criticism. I believe that by acting in this way, naturally I became aware and more flexible to absorve a little percentage of the huge amount of information which i’ve been fed during my research.

COP 15 Outskirts

This photographic-report is a result of my trips to Copenhagen.
My first visit was during the cop 15 (conference of the parties), a summit organized each year in different countries, by the United Nations. One of their objectives; Increase in global greenhouse gas emission will need to be turned into a decrease around 2020 in order to reach a 2ºC target.

The main purpose, of my second visit was to meet professor Svensmark. His views go beyond manmade co2 causes, he has published a book, relating to the matter. The other reason was to see how Copenhagen, had progressed after Cop15 conference.

The larger part of my material for my research came from others.
I hope that this work brings to light some important aspects of the earth’s climate change and it’s alternative’s solution.

Cop15, called also by some as a Hopenhagen, brought some controversies.
In one way or the theoretical message came across over continents. “Seal the Deal”.