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I was born in Olinda, a city in North East of Brazil. During my childhood I dedicated myself to classical ballet. My grandmother, who wrote poetry, influences my life, she encouraged me to observe and document my surroundings.

I have always wanted to travel the world to experience different cultures and people. At the age of 25, I visited Europe; my journey began in Switzerland, where I studied French in Genève and later in Paris.

I moved to London to study English, there I developed an interest in the complex processes behind the ‘camera obscure’, and start to learn the principals of this optical device.

Later I returned to Paris drawn by the city’s long established reputation as the centre of photojournalism. There I met George Fèvre (1930-2007), Photographer teacher, (My master), he was a former student and printer of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

It is largely due to Fevre`s encouragement that I choose to shoot only in black & white. While in Paris I also attended private classes in film direction.

After working with different types of 35mm still cameras, I choose Leica M series, equipped with wide angle 35mm lens, and Kodak 400 TX black & white 24×36 traditional format film.

For the audiovisuals, I am using different types of supports: Mini DV, Beta cam and full HD.
My work is always shooting by others as I do prefer to not touch digital equipments.

The body of my work is based on social and global environment, showcased in a diversified portfolio: Photography, writing, interviews, audiovisual, conferences and production.

During my journey I covered and produced different sort of topics worldwide:

Photographic exhibitions

Situations (London, UK)
Dubai in Black & White (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
ROSTROS que HABLAN (Havana, Cuba)
Rocinha in Black & White (Monaco)
Nous Avons Deux Amours Notre Pays Et Monaco (Paris, France & São Paulo, Brazil)
CLIN D’OIL (Cannes 60th film festival – Cannes, France)
Cuba & Educación (Havana, Cuba)
Una Mirada a Monaco (Havana, Cuba)
Solamente Cuba (London, UK)
THE LOAD (Trivandrum & Mumbai, India)
Walking through the Environment (Holguin, Gibara & Havana, Cuba)
Path through the COP16 (Ciudad de Mexico & Cancun, Mexico)


Nous Avons Deux Amours Notre Pays Et Monaco – A reporter on Monaco’s Principality (São Paulo, Brazil)
Cuba & Educación (Havana, Cuba)
Per fundo – Perfume history through time on Egypt, Greece, Italy, France & Germany (Monaco)
The Load (Mumbai & New Delhi, India)
Face – A 2010 Calendar, worldwide environment (India)
EDGE-UAE (United Arab Emirates)
Environment through Time (Nicosia, Cyprus)
COP 15 Outskirts (Copenhagen, Denmark)
COP16 Views & Visiones (Ciudad de Mexico & Cancun, Mexico)


Imagination – Short fiction conflict on digital & analogue photography (Cannes 60th film festival – Cannes, France)
Nous Avons Deux Amours Notro Pais Et Monaco / Nos Temos Dois Amores Nosso Pais e monaco – Short documentary on Monaco’s contemporary Principality (Paris, France & São Paulo, Brazil)
Per Fundo – Long documentary on the history of perfume through time (Monaco)
Cuba & Educación (Havana, Cuba)
WAKE UP CALL – Short fiction on people’s environment relation and its consequences (Trivandrum & Mumbai, India – 63rd Cannes film festival, Cannes, France – Werkstattkino cinema, Munich, Germany)
Walking through the Environment – Long documentary interview on Cuba and global environment (Havana, Holguin & Gibara, Cuba)
COP16 Views & Visiones (Ciudad de Mexico & Cancun, Mexico)

- Conceição B Praun